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When I first started our homeschool journey, I came across so many resources. This post is really a collection of some the BEST free homeschool resources I’ve come across that has helped me tremendously, especially when on a budget. I hope this will help you too.

Please keep in mind that my children are 5 and 8, so most of these resources are for the younger elementary age group.

I will try my best to update this list whenever I come across good quality free resources.

Free Online Educational Resources

  1. Virtual Field Trips by Freedom Homeschooling – A long list of live cams and field trips that you and your child can take virtually. From museums to farms, zoos, power plants, Titanic wreckage or Anne Frank’s house and so much more.
  2. Woo! Jr. Kids Activities – find lots of crafts, printables like mad libs, worksheets, puzzles, and more!
  3. Discovery Education (Puzzlemaker) – If your kids love mazes like mine, this is a great tool. You can create word searches, mazes, letter tiles, hidden messages, and more!
  4. Little House Kindergarten – For PreK to elementary age kids. Educational games and activities for core subjects like math, language arts, science, social studies, art, and computer.
  5. 4-H at Home – fun, hands-on activities for kids and teens to try at home like space exploration, cooking, crafts, and STEM experiments.
  6. The Good and the Beautiful Kids – This is TGTB’s YouTube channel and have a good selection of learning songs for PreK/Kindergarten, multiplication songs, baby animal series, and bedtime songs.

FREE All-in-One Curriculum

  1. Easy Peasy – Easy Peasy is a COMPLETE Christian homeschool curriculum for K-12. Lee Giles is a homeschool mom of 6 and created this online curriculum for her kids and has graciously made it available to the public. If you prefer not to use screen, there are options to purchase the curriculum at affordable prices, you can view her store here.
  2. Ambleside Online – A Charlotte Mason homeschool curriculum. It is a classical Christian curriculum for Pre-K – 12; it is heavy on habit training, living books, nature, God, and human relationships. You can also find helpful schedule ideas and lots of resources like book recommendations, print outs, and videos.
  3. Under the Home K-5 Charlotte Mason homeschool curriculum. You can find all core subjects and fine arts curriculum here. It is well organized by subjects and grades. No ads, child-friendly.
  4. PBS Learning Media – You can find educational videos on all core subjects, as well as foreign languages, arts, technology, and more for K-12. Activity guides are included in certain subjects and common core standards are listed.
  5. Plain and No So Plain – Complete 1st grade printable curriculum.

Free Science Curriculum

  1. Science Games and Puzzles – A great compilation of word games and puzzles that kids can use to improve their vocabulary, spelling and grammar while also brushing up on a variety of science topics.
  2. National Geographic Kids – You can find videos on different animals, how things work, explore different planets, interactive games & quizzes, and more on here. No ads and made just for kids.
  3. Teach Preschool Science – Here you will find 75 complete science lesson plans for preschoolers (age 3+). I think it’s great for kindergartners and 1st graders as well. Lessons are simple and easy to follow. You and your child will learn life science (plants, animals, and human beings), earth and sky science, and physical science.
  4. Paso Partners – Find lesson plans on integrating science, math, and language for K-3. FREE PDFs that downloads instantly.
  5. Mosiac – An extension of Paso Partners, lesson plans on integrating, science, math, technology, and language for K-5.
  6. Mr. Q Classic Science – I love the colorful and funny science student workbooks and parent’s lesson plan from Mr. Q. His life science curriculum can last you a semester or a whole school year (depending on how often you do science) and is complete and FREE. There are others (chemistry, physics, earth science) that he sells for $60 on his site.

Free Math Curriculum

  1. Khan Academy – Known for their strong math program, Khan Academy offers FREE math curriculum for PreK – College.
  2. – Although, this is a subscription-based educational website, you can still find plenty of FREE resources like these math worksheets here. Sign up with an email for free access.
  3. Plain and Not So Plain – Completely FREE printable math curriculum for 2nd – 9th grade.
  4. Centre for Innovation and Mathematics Teaching – a FREE and complete British math curriculum.
  5. Ray’s Arithmetic – A complete and FREE math curriculum for K-5. This is a solid math curriculum with no frills or color. Not common core, just straight up old school math.

Free Reading, Phonics, Language Arts Curriculum

  1. Khan Academy – You can find an organized, ad-free language arts curriculum for Pre-K – 9th grade. Up to grade 1 is on their app, which can be downloaded for FREE on Apple and Android devices. Grade 2 and up can be found here.
  2. Reading Bear – This is a FREE phonics and vocabulary website for kids. There are very helpful videos and audios on how to sound out phonograms and flashcards for practice.
  3. The Good and the Beautiful (level 1-5) – This is a completely FREE Christian language art program that you can download and print. There are many pages to print so be prepare for that. Here is the printer I use that has saved me on ink.
  4. Storyline Online – A FREE read aloud video program where you and your child can choose books read by famous actors/actresses. There are activity guides along with each book for educators to print out.
  5. Plain and Not So Plain – Completely FREE printable spelling, writing, vocabulary, and reading curriculum for 2nd – 9th grade.

Free Social Studies Curriculum & Resources

  1. U Read Thru – A FREE Charlotte Mason-inspired history curriculum for K-8. You may need to check out certain books from the library or purchase them to follow along with the curriculum.
  2. PBS Learning Media – You can find a list of education videos on economics, geography, U.S. and World history, and more for grades PreK-12. Math, science
  3. The Ancient Web – A FREE history homeschool resource on ancient civilizations. Learn culture and history from Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe, Oceania.

Free Physical Education, Health, and Safety Curriculum

  1. Ask Listen Learn – This is a great educational resources for kids on how alcohol and drugs affect the brain and our body. There are lesson plans, curriculum guides, videos, and conversational tips to help you start this important topic with your child.
  2. Kids Health – Great site for kids to learn about general health, how the body works, safety lessons, and more with interactive quizzes and video lessons.
  3. FIT by Sanford Health – resources on health and fitness for kids K-5 with teacher’s guide, printable activities, and slideshows.

Free Foreign Language Learning for Kids

  1. Bilingual Kidspot – Learn Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese for kids. Free printables and a facebook support group. Quite a bit of ads on the site but the content is of good quality, click under the “language resources” tab.
  2. Duolingo – a foreign language learning app.
  3. Drops – There free trial is plenty for my kids and they love this one.

Free STEM, Technology, Computer, Coding Resources

  1. Code – Learn how to code and make games, apps. Full courses are available for free.
  2. STEM Activities for Kids – a sweet and short list of STEM activities to start incorporating STEM into your homeschool.
  3. Teach Engineering – By the Engineering department of the University of Colorado Boulder. A STEM curriculum for K-12. You can find lesson plans, worksheets, and videos for each level.
  4. Kit Hub – Find STEAM and citizen science lesson plans for kids.
  5. Khan Academy – Kids can learn basic drawing and animation. There are lessons on making webpages and games as well.
  6. Swift Playground – If you have an iPad, this is a nice coding app for kids.
  7. Scratch – Create stories, animations, and games. Kids can share their creation with friends and family.

Free Arts & Crafts

  1. Free Kids Craft – You can find FREE holiday and seasonal crafts, as well as gender specific crafts here. Lots of ads on this site, but all instructions, supplies list, and printables are free with instant download.
  2. Schack Art Center – A great FREE arts and crafts resource for kids with resource files, supplies list, and age recommended projects.
  3. Woo! Jr. Kids Activities – Fun kids crafts you can print right away.
  4. Amy’s Wandering – A year of homeschool crafts with planner.
Free homeschool curriculum and resources

Bible/Devotion for Kids

  1. My Place with Jesus – Games, stories, nature section, journey through the Bible, healthy recipes and more for kids. Part of It is Written of the Seventh-day Adventist church (my church denomination).
  2. Adventures in Odyssey – Award winning Christian audio dramas series for kids 8-12.
  3. Focus on the Family Club House – Crafts, recipes, and articles great for parents and kids.

Free Piano Lessons

  1. My Learn Together – I put together a list of 24 online piano lessons for kids. Most of these have free trials that are adequate for a semester or even longer. Check out my list here.
  2. Piano Lessons 4 Children – By Maria Miller (author of Math Mammoth homeschool math curriculum). Currently there are 22 piano lessons.

Educational YouTube Videos

  1. Aum Sum – science for kids
  2. Ameoba Sisters – science for kids
  3. Science Mom – science for kids
  4. Crash Course – science, history, philosophy, theater and more
  5. Crash Course Kids – science and engineering for kids
  6. Thinking Captain – simple and fun science videos
  7. Kenhub – Learn human anatomy
  8. Scishow – Educational and engaging science videos for kids
  9. Monica J Sutton – She is an early childhood educator teaching online. Circle time, songs, adventure camps. I highly recommend checking this out if you have a preschooler and kindergartner.
  10. Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel – Phonics, ASL, Spanish, counting, alphabet songs, P.E. songs, and more
  11. Harper Kids – Read a loud, singalongs, DIY activities & crafts.
  12. The Singing Walrus – Counting, writing the alphabet, and more songs for preschoolers and kindergartners
  13. Preschool Prep Company – great in teaching phonics
  14. Two Cents – easy to understand personal finance videos (more for mid elementary kids and above).
  15. 20 Online – 20 minutes workout for kids
  16. Signs – American Sign Language
  17. Geo History – Easy to understand history lessons. My son loves this!
  18. Piano Video Lessons – Piano lessons for kids and beginners.

Facebook Groups

  1. Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping 501(c)(3) – Free curriculum are posted, just pay shipping.
  2. Free Homeschooling Resources – find printables, unit studies, activity ideas, planners and other resources here.

Legal Homeschool Resources

  1. HSLDA – Homeschool Legal Defense Association. Find your state’s homeschool laws here.
  2. Coalition for Responsible Home Education – Find homeschool laws as well as other homeschooling resources here.

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    Homeschool Resource Books

    See if you can check these out from your library or maybe a local homeschool group.

    1. Cathy Duffy 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum – This is only available in the e-book or kindle version. This book helped me out so much. She outlines the different homeschool methods and all her top curriculum picks. There are SO many out there, it’s hard to narrow down sometimes, so this book is great for that. Here’s her website, you can find her reviews here too.
    2. The Core – A great book on classical education. Written by Leigh Bortins, founder and CEO of Classical Conversations, a popular classical homeschool program for Christians.
    3. Teaching from Rest – If you ever are doubting your abilities to homeschool or are just overwhelmed with all of this homeschool stuff, this is a must read!

    Outdoor Learning

    1. National Park Trust – Grab and Go Outdoor activities.
    2. John Muir Laws – Nature videos, nature journals, and nature drawings.
    3. There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather – This book has really helped me get my kids outdoors no matter what the weather is like. It’s a must read if you want to learn to enjoy the outdoors with little kids. Written by Linda McGurk, you can also find nature activities and tips and tricks on how to play in nature on her blog here.

    Free Homeschool Planning

    1. Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus – This is a 7-step homeschool planner. It’s very detailed and colorful. There are ads on her website, which can be distracting and perhaps a bit hard to navigate, but it is all laid out for you and can be very helpful as you start planning for your homeschool.
    2. 2020-2021 Printable School Calendar – A simple and free school year calendar for your binder.

    You can also view more homeschool planners on my post on free and paid homeschool planners here.

    I hope you find this list helpful. Please comment down below and let us know if there are other quality resources that you have come across so others can benefit as well.

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